Monday, 4 July 2011

Gorgeous Colour

Here are some more details of assemblage pieces i've done.  I love the background on this one, it's a piece of kitchen towel i used to clean my brushes with whilst working!  Once it dried out it became unusable as the dried acrylic paint soaked into it and stopped any further absorption, so i was using it to rest a piece of the assemblage on and when i saw it as a background i decided to use it.

This is another piece i've been working on over the weekend, with about four weeks to go and counting before the exhinition, i'm working overtime to put finishing touches to everything i've created so far.

I wish  could show the whole pieces on here, they're all over my work room at the moment and look fab.  Also, i've been creating some mixed media collages for the exhibition too, i've got about ten on the go so far, they look so colourful, i'll photograph some details of them in a day or two.

 Saturday was the Montgomery Street Fair and as they close the road off at the end of Kerry Street, Gav and I had to come up with some ideas to get people into the shop!  The traffic was diverted around the back of the Town Hall so we thought we'd get noticed a bit more if we put some stuff outside, it worked we had a very busy day.
 Dancing in the street

 My new window boxes
I thought i'd better change the dead pansies following a few disconcerting and disapproving looks from Bob the Farmer!!!  Last year he threatened to wee on them if i didn't water them more often!!!!!

I've also done some hanging baskets too, they look really nice for someone who's rubbish at gardening, i wish i wasn't, i love flowers in baskets and window boxes and they make the whole place feel brighter, but i have no ideas as to what should go where and no-one to help me either.  Now I mustn't forget to feed and water them.

Last night was lovely,  we went to our neighbours (Cyndy and Phil) supper party.  They were celebrating 25 years of living there.  We had such a nice time, loads of lovely people, a fantastic party atmosphere and lots of good food and drink.  Tables were set up in their garden and lights and candles were lit as the sun faded it was such a special evening with special people.

I can't believe we're in July already, Gav and I have quite a busy month ahead of us, a trade show at Harrogate, a BBQ at Ruth's, a trip over to Lincoln to meet up with loads of fabulous friends and watch Edgar Broughton at Tony's garden party, which we're so looking forward to! and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at Montgomery castle.  We're planning a quieter August, Nicci will be up with us next week for the rest of the Summer which will be a big help.

Poor old Lizzie's feeling a little sorry for herself at the moment, she's in season and has had some nasty encounters with some pretty vicious male dogs recently, so we're not walking her far, bless her, she's so full of energy and misses her run around the fields, but has had to make do with the garden for a while.  We've made an appointment to get her spayed in about four weeks time.