Wednesday, 13 July 2011

23 days and lots of lovely Butterflies

Well it's twenty three days to go to my exhibition and i was thinking that i'd better get a move on and actually get some pieces finished, i've lost count of how many i've done now, but it's a few!  I started work late yesterday (my day off from the shop) to have coffee with lovely Jo, who, when i got there had a gorgeous array of her lovely work to show (as well as some of her daughters work) thanks Jo.
Here are some details of two new assemblages i've done and some collages.  I sold a few more of my smaller pieces of art in the shop yesterday and my stock is diminishing rapidly, but i'm reluctant to put out any of my new work until after the exhibition.

My Nicci's now safely back from the Sonisphere festival, so i feel better, she laughs that i worry so much.  I loved going to festivals myself when i was her age, so it's not as if i can say anything.  I remember i went to every Donnington Rock festival in the 80's and great fun it was too, i saw some fantastic bands there and elsewhere over the years.  Mind you not as many as Gav's seen over his years, he framed some of his tickets here's one of them.  Nicci and her friends love this.

Look, my lovely husband bought me a present earlier this week....this cassette tape player. 
I love listening to story tapes whilst i'm creating and cassette tapes are widely available at charity shops at little expense, so this was a good buy.
 .....and i've got this lot of new tapes bought at Ironbridge last week!
Lizzie is so funny at the moment, she's a nightmare to take out on the lead, she's very strong and has no idea of how to walk "nicely" on a lead, she pulls like mad.  We've taken her down to the fields a few times this week for a good run, she goes mad, the grass is really long and full of butterflies and she spends the time constantly running around trying to catch them, she never does and it's hilarious. I'll take the camera tomorrow.

Sorry this photo should be at the top with he other one!