Monday, 25 July 2011

The poster for my exhibition on the shop door

I just need to print some more off now to advertise around the town and maybe some other areas.

Saturday Night in Lincoln
Tony and Monica's garden party with Edgar Broughton,
the most relaxing and special evening i've had for a long time with lovely special people, both Gav and I enjoyed it.  Tony and Monica are amazingly lovely and hospitable people, beautiful food, friends and lots of comfort.

Edgar Broughton (or Rob as people know him) provided us with wonderful entertainment, very different from the last time i saw him at Leamington Spa with his band, and whilst i must admit i preferred this performance without his band, i would definitely still go and see him with his band. He's a lovely, interesting man. 

Rob does this thing called "Fair days pay for a fair days work" This is what he says:
"You can book me for your private event any where in the world. You get me, my acoustic guitar and a solo performance of my songs.. What does it cost? One day of your pay, what ever that is, plus Travel costs, accommodation and my supper" - Brilliant eh? 

Enjoy the photo's

I'm on the last leg of preparing art work for the exhibition.  I've got nearly everything done now, these are a few of the small, what i call "affordable art" pieces (about 4" x 4") assemblage. 

How gorgeous is this little baby, Tony and Monica's grandson, with their son, three generations of Smiths!  Ha! 
Poor doggies locked in the house whilst the performance was going on, it was the food they missed though!
I've had a lovely day today, i've been over to Annie's with Jo and met up with the fabulous Sue, for Funday Monday, not much crafting going on today though, we were all feeling a little tired, but we had Jo's lovely home made cakes and a lovely chat, putting the world to rights, as you do.  Thank you both for inviting me, it was just what i needed.

My latest conversation with Nicci (about 5 minutes ago)
Nicci:  "I'm really jealous of you"
Me:     "Oh! why?"
Nicci:  "Cos i'll never have a kid as awesome as yours!!!!"

Gotta laugh