Monday, 8 October 2012

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A few weeks ago i did a workshop with Viv Sliwka of Hensteeth Art ,
Viv is an amazing person and her work is so beautiful.  It was a day spent relaxing and enjoying time with lovely creative people.
My needlecase

 Everyone elses needlecases
My day off today has mostly been spent reorganising the kitchen, the shop and my art studio, it's like one of those sliding puzzles; we bought a lovely cupboard for the kitchen from the auction,
which meant putting the old one back in the shop, but not before we had to move something else from the shop!!  It was carefully organised so that we didn't end up tripping over things, but got there in the end.  I now have another work table in my studio, which is always useful
 This is the table opposite, which is my sewing table and (soon to be) jewelry making table
 my felting table
and this wine box shelving in the cornerfor holding all my supplies, books/magazines
(sorry for the awful photo)
This was my kitchen table this morning, full of gorgeous new things for the shop these gorgeous silk scarves
 and these lovely soaps from a company called "Black Rabbit", hand made in Montgomeryshire
There's loads more stuff and when i get a minute i'll do an "Indigo Moon" walkaround and show you!