Friday, 19 October 2012

A feast of colour for you this week:
Some new work (unfinished)
 I love this picture, it's very whimsical and reminds me of my gorgeous girl
The above paintings were done on canvas, which, for me, is not as easy to work with as wood substrate.  I find canvas too pliable for my collaging, it moves when i'm working on itand feels sort of unsafe.  I do like the finished work but will stick to wood in future.

Whimsical Owl, on wood:

Gorgeous "sweetheart" roses from Gav

These were a thank you from gav for a lovely birthday, which was last Saturday.  We closed up early and dashed down to The Guildhall in Gloucester to see "Wilko Johnson", supported by "Virgil and the Accelerators" (whom gav's just filmed).  Wilko was amazing, i saw him recently at Llangollen Town Hall but I was in so much pain with my poorly back i had to sit at the back through most of the performance, so this time i dosed myself up with painkillers and stood right at the front for the whole performance.....brilliant.  We stayed in a 14th Century Inn in the town for the night, which was supposed to be haunted but i didn't see anything worse than a spider!!

Best buys this week, or year actually, was this amazing new cupboard we bought for our kitchen last Monday, it looks fab
(or at least it will do when my kitchen is eventually cleared of shop stock!)
...and.... OMG i love this..
 my new amazing Carlos Santana tour bag

...and last but not least is all the arrangements for my birthday party! 
The invitations have nearly all gone out, you're all welcome, would love to see you. 
We haveThe Fabulous Cover Sluts providing the musical entertainment for the evening:

Hope you all have a fab weekend