Friday, 1 June 2012

Didn't realise i hadn't blogged for a few weeks, where does all the time go?  The weather has been glorious over the last few weeks and we've had some lovely long evening walks with Lizzie.

I've still got a chronic poorly back and had to stop and rest against gates on the way round

We love this walk around the Lymore Estate,
this is the beginning of the walk and the views over the Shropshire Hills in the distance are gorgeous

makes a change from sheep i guess!

Lymore Lake
Lizzie's favourite watering hole

Walking back home

My gorgeous Lizzie cooling off in the stream at White Gate

I bought these chairs at an auction about eighteen months ago, (they're IKEA) and painted them with "1829" chalky paint and put them outside the shop for sale.

...and this is an Art Deco hall stand we bought last year - painted Persian Blue

I've really enjoyed painting furniture this week, they were all pieces we had stored in our stock room and it's nice to get them in the shop at last and make a bit of room.

Gorgeous flowers today from friends
I put them in my new shop window display, which was all vintage stock this time.

My gorgeous baby girl has finally moved here permanently with us this week after finishing her college course and is now a qualified make up artist, with ambitions to get into film.  She's got herself a job as well as a place on the committee helping with the Berriew summer festival, i love her being here with us and i'm so proud of her.

"Being a force of good in the world and honouring my core values is about saying yes to my heart and saying yes to the hearts of those who pass through my life.  It's about standing as close to the flame of truth as possible and meeting each day with as much integrity and honesty as i can muster"
 - Liz Kalloch (adapted)