Sunday, 20 May 2012

A change is as good as a rest...

...So the saying goes.
Life seems like one constant change at the moment, especially at Indigo Moon.  Just as we organise one thing and seem happy with it, something else gets us thinking and changing, i suppose it's our creative nature and our strong desire to continue successfully.

Firstly though, i wanted to show you these little collaged brooches i've been making.  Back by popular demand!  I've had so many requests to make more of these and spent all last week finishing them off although i did run out of pins for the last twenty or so.

 Here's the process as requested:
Small wooden discs (brooch size), any shape
 Old ephemera, i like the old natural writing.  These are a batch of letters from a daughter to her parents whilst at boarding school and through early marriage dating from the 1940's
 Cut into circles
 pasted on the wooden discs
 more painting
 ...i'm sure you get the idea...
and Voila!
 narrative pasted on and i also add a bit of gold here and there, once pins are on the back they're good to go.

We're quite excited about the few changes we made in the shop this last week.  It was done very quickly once we'd made up our minds:

Greetings cards: 
 we already do a range of nice greeting cards, but we thought we'd expand the range to cater for a few more people, we sell a lot of what we did have, but we also had a few people saying that we didn't quite have what they wanted.
 We spent most of the week calling around various card suppliers getting stock, i won't go into too much detail but they're a funny bunch.  Here we are in a recession, a double dip recession at that, all sorts of financial doom and gloom across the media and they need board meetings before they'll decide whether they'll take your money or not - it's really bizarre.  However we did manage to get the few companies we liked on board...and are still waiting for a few others.
We had planned to build some racks out of wooden shelving, but then we decided to get acrylic shelving instead and we're glad we did as it's much nicer.
 ...and now for the really exciting stuff:
 We bought some traditional sweets and some glass jars to put them in, Gav built these shelves and i lined them with a 1890's french newspaper.  We still have a bit more work to do on this, but it looks good to start with.  We made our own labels for the jars
 ...bought some pretty pink and white sweety bags...
.... and printed off some labels to hang on the bag, they looked great in the shop at one pound for a hundred gram bag of sweets of your choice.  We didn't put them out until about 2pm yesterday and had sold seven bags when we closed the shop
...not bad for our first few hours.

 Naughty puppy....
needless to say when i was making up the bags of sweets a few fell to the floor (i'll have to get the hang of it) and this little snaffle hound was there waiting, ready to pounce - she'd just nabbed four fizzy cola bottles here and i had to prise her jaws apart to get them off her - this was me telling her off, her ears go right back when i do that and she always looks to the side as if to say "Who, me...i wouldn;t dare"
so darn cute!!!!

and last but not least, to finish off a nice day...

...we went to see Jack Dee at Theatr Hafren in Newtown last night, hilariously funny, especially his bit about "teenagers" !!!!!