Sunday, 11 December 2011

I've been busy ,busy, busy, all weekend. 

This is the second floor corridor leading to the new living room (at the end).  As you can see it's still a mess with building debris and stored furniture....
 ...but the new living room is coming along nicely.  As you can see it's been newly plastered and the awful  reproduction  wall panelling removed. we also exposed this gorgeous beam. 

It's been painted and is almost ready for the curtains to go up and the furniture to be moved into place, there's another sofa to go along that far wall

 and we think the TV will go to the left of the post ,which will be painted a different colour by the way (gold was the previous owners choice).
 This is the art deco console table which will have our fab art deco garniture clock on it eventually.
Also, the new wall has been put up in the rooms next door to the living room, which will be Nicci's room and a guest room. 

Nicci's been enjoying herself this weekend scouting around the house to see what vintage furniture she can acquire for her new room, she's already persuaded me to part with a beautiful small round table i bought from the auction last week and she has her eye on a pretty mirror that is currently adorning the wall outside the bathroom.

Progress is also being made in turning the current living room into our bedroom.  We moved the wardrobes in last week, they look fab with these vintage suitcases on top

It was whilst pottering about the house doing this last week that  I was aware of a calm around me, it felt a bit spooky, My life is so busy and full that I (we, Gav and I) have to constantly juggle and skirt around (and worry over) things, but even so I still had this overwhelming sense of calmness and a feeling of being anchored.  The effects of this calmness has affected me by my becoming (perhaps) less highly-strung (although there are still moments!) being more thoughtful and being better able to kick back on occasion without guilt or self-consciousness.

I love my life