Saturday, 3 December 2011

I just thought i'd show you some of the lovely things we have in stock at Indigo Moon at the moment.  Our Christmas trade is getting busier and it's lovely to see so many things going out.

 I love these giant pegs to hang things from

 and these cute glass baubles
 little wooden branches from East of India they make gorgeous hanging decorations
 Birdy candle holders
 Vintage telephones - i'm still amazed at how many of these sell, Gav can barely keep up with demand
 Key hook
 gorgeous jewels
 vintage ice cream sign (actually, this is in our kitchen now)
Glass baubles
 sleepy owls
 more glass baubles
 Gav and i had a mad dash up to Bridlington on Monday morning for an overnight stay with family.  It was so nice to get away from all the work going on at the house.  We all went out for a lovely meal on Monday night at a place called Raffles in the old part of Bridlington Town.  I never got my bracing walk on the sea front, it was just a tad too bracing!!!!.

Unfortunately, i forgot to take my camera out with me to the meal, but i couldn't resist these photo's on the way back to Montgomery in the car.  It was cold and beautiful clear blue sky.

 This is the M62 across Sadleworth Moor to Manchester, it's a nice, but busy, drive across the moors which look so barren and desolate, it's always a reflective moment.
 Gav and i travelled back and forth this motorway regulalry when we lived in Leeds and were looking for property in Montgomery so i got to know it all pretty well.  This is Manchester up ahead but luckily (traffic wise) we skirt around it on the ring road and then it's a fairly easy route into Wales. 
I'm still thinking about my new bathroom design, aren't these tiles gorgeous?  This is a photo from the Welbeck tile site and i really have a fancy for these in the guest bathroom around the shelf.

Or this design on the wall maybe?

Or this, for fun!
....or... for even more fun, this perhaps!!!

I'm not getting any art work done at the moment because the i don't have a studio to work in with everything going on.  I have a small piece in the January/February issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and they're in the process of returning my art work, which is good as i have plans for it!