Friday, 3 December 2010


It was late night shopping here at Indigo Moon last night and......yaaaaaayyyyy....i sold a few pieces of my art. I love having my own outlet for my art, for many years i created it and then left it leaning against a wall in the spare bedroom, i didn't know about etsy and folksy then, but there's something about people coming into the shop and looking and hearing their comments whether it's positive or negative, but to be honest there aren't many negative comments (except maybe regarding pricing) if people don't like it they just pass it by and look at something else.
The person that bought my art yesterday took ages to decide which piece he wanted, he said he liked it all, asked lots of questions and we talked about the narrative element of the art. He was buying for his wife and was really taken with the words that related to the piece, he also picked out another smaller piece to compliment it, again really interested in the words. He then returned to the shop today to buy another larger piece!

I love choosing the narrative element to go on my art, i usually create it and then scour my decrepit and dusty vintage book pages for words that might suit the piece, picking out a sentence here and there. I have story books, poetry books, reference books, although i really must stop buying them now as i have far too many, but i'm hopeless when i see the crumbly, dusty, old and stained pages, they're so perfect, it's like giving them new life! I always think when i pick out the words that they will appeal to someone and be relelvant to something going on in their llife and they'll be simply compelled to buy. Interestingly, having sold a lot of the smaller pieces recently, i have noticed that the ones that are left are the pieces without any words on, so i might have to re-do them.

Anyway, it's all really exciting for me and given me the confidence to at least think about doing an exhibition of my art. Montgomery's a great place for it, there's a room at the museum and there's the town hall and also the shop here, i think i could re-jig the kitchen area again to hold regular art exhibitions.

It's taken me a long time to get here, with a few sacrifices along the way but it was worth it. There were times when i didn't think i'd make it this far but i believe in possibilities, I am now a fully fledged full time artist and possibilitarian and i'm loving it.

It looks like Gav will be filming a band again next week in London, i hope the weather is better by then i worry about him travelling, especially in this weather. We thought we'd have a relaxing run up to Christmas now after the Steve Hackett concert, but needs must, and we have to take the work when it comes up.

Our poor little cat Alice is so very poorly at the moment bless her, the vet thinks she may have had a stroke and she's currently on a drip at the vets. She's nineteen and half poor little thing and so small and delicate, it's so upsetting seeing her like this.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer..."
- Harriet Tubman