Saturday, 14 July 2012

"She does it right"

Yesterday, after a long busy day in the shop and cleaning the house Gav and I set off, around 5.30pm in the middle of a monsoon, for Llangollen, to the Fringe Festival to see Wilko Johnson at the Town Hall. We did it right! By the time we'd got past Welshpool the sky was brighter, the rain had stopped and we looked forward to a nice evening meal and a drink before going on to see the band.
We both love Llangollen, it has some happy memories for us and was one of the first places we looked to set up our business. We got as far as managing to put in an offer on a great property there, but our own sale in Leeds fell through at the same time and by the time we were in a position to look again the sellers had changed their mind.  We did look at other properties but they weren't as nice. Anyway Montgomery isn't far away (about 40 mins in the car) so we go there quite often for a night out.
Our first stop was the Cornmill (right alongside the river) for food:

View of the Corn Mill from the bridge in Llangollen

 This is where we sat, lovely bright big room, with gorgeous views

LlangollenTown Hall, where we saw the band

The band were amazing, although my poorly back reared its evil head from standing too long (and i had to keep going off to find somewhere to sit every now and then).

Wilko Johnson on Jools Holland's been a busy busy week, last weekend we had stalls at the Montgomery Street Fair, lots going on, many many thanks to our friends who came along and helped, couldn't have managed without you.  And just as we're recovering from that we have a trip to Harrogate on Sunday for the Gift Show on Monday.  My gorgeous girl is coming with us to help us buy, but only on the condition we take her to Betty's!:

I have to be honest, i do like going here myself, it's a treat, but expensive - like a scene from Poirot!

Before Betty's though it'll be a few hours around the gift show, our main buying spree will be for cards and a few bits of jewellery - that's about all we can manage to look around at the moment, we're exhausted.  We'll be able to get there early as we're all staying overnight on the Sunday.

The highlight will be collecting my lovely mother and father (in-law) on Monday who are meeting us at Harrogate to come back to Montgomery for a weeks visit.  So looking forward to spending time with lovely family, got lots planned (weather permitted).

No art work today as  I'm in the middle of creating some pieces for another exhibition in Oswestry so will post when finished

Well thats it for now, back to working, cleaning, shopping, dog walking, cooking etc etc etc