Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bright days, busy days and relaxing day out days...

I have a new computer...yaaaaaay, it arrived yesterday and it's soooooooo fast!

Nina Bagley jewellery - stunning
I have a very strong inkling to make jewellery, assemblage (art to wear) jewellery, i'm probably driving my husband mad buying and trying out new supplies.  So far i've had packages arrive containing pliers of all sizes and sorts along with gorgeous glass beads of all kinds....and then last night found me scouring Etsy for gorgeous pieces of fabric to incorporate into some new pieces i have in mind.
(Homestead Treasures on Etsy) is always...custom charges put me off ordering in from abroad, so i decided to make some of my own using a method described by Ruth Rae in her book "Layered Tattered and Stiched"...and this was the result:
 hand stamped muslin
I think these will look really good with different stamps and some gold and coloured machine stitching.
Deryn Mentock Jewellery
I am inspired by the lovely Nina Bagley (and Deryn Mentock, check out her blog "Something Sublime") it's amazing and now that i have supplies available i'm going to see what i can come up with in my own watch this space.

I have a Dr's appointment today, it's taken me almost two weeks to make it, my back pain is getting worse and i've rested really well, but, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be getting any better and after a final warning from Gav today saying make an appointment or i will for you, i did.  I called the surgery at 8.30am this morning and have an appointment at 4.30pm this afternoon - how's that for amazing service?

  The thing is with working in the shop, i get a lot of well meaning people in here who are very sympathetic and offer all sorts of advice, which can sometimes be quite frightening, most seem to have known someone with similar symptoms and have no qualms in telling me it didn't end well!!  The most bizarre was a lady who recently asked me all my symptoms and then quite worriedly told me to get to my GP as her sisters husband had that and it turned out to be "testicular cancer"..........!!!!  Hmmmm!!!  don't think there's much chance of that actually!!!

Anyway, onto brighter things.......
This was what the centre of our shop looked like last week
and this week........first it looked like this, with all the centre table and shelves moved out. make room for new shelving, made from old 1960's wooden fruit crates, painted and waxed

 Now, it looks like this...
Stunningly gorgeous
 We do have a lot more to do on the shelving side of things (but Gav's having a break bless him, he worked so hard putting them together and painting and waxing them all up).

We had such a nice relaxing day off this week...
...we drove over to Builth Wells (to pick up some old churns) and across to Leominster where we had lunch and a leisurely wander around the vintage, antique and gallery shops there.  Then we went on to Ludlow and took the scenic route home through Ashton on Clun to Bishops castle and then home to Montgomery. Definitely in need of more of these relaxing days.

This made me laugh....i photographed it outside a pub in Leominster!  Especially for my gorgeous girl, it's her kind of philosophy...Ha!
Talking of my gorgeous girl...she'll be here again this weekend, still earning her money for the "Download" festival.  But it's mothers day on Sunday, so i'll whisk the two of us out for a nice lunch somewhere, perfect mother/daughter time, ahhhhhhh.

....and finally...this was my shopping from the market today - hardly ever have a need to do supermarkets these days....we're getting so healthy....he he!!  Off to make soup now.
"The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system"
– Robert C. Peale