Wednesday, 21 September 2011

To be, or not be on holiday!!!

Well...we're back from our hols early, can't believe it, we were so looking forward to a nice peaceful relaxing break.  We'd worked so hard through the summer with very little time off and very little help, that we were on the point of exhaustion, practically limping to the finishing post, so to speak!   As a result all we wanted was some peace and quiet, just walks on the beach, and quiet meals in with nice bottles of wine, the TV and a good book or two.
However, as you can see from the photograph above it was not to be, thanks to the greedy owners who took our money and then arranged to have solar panels fitted three days into our holiday!!!  The cottage is actually an upside down design, so the big window you can see on the top floor was the living room and the work was right over our heads.  So much for a bit of Rest and Relaxation eh? 

This was funny before the hammering and drilling started.  This photo's been on my blog before in January when Lizzie was just a puppy.  Again the chickens kept her entertained for hours.
They'd come right up to the window and Lizzie wouldn't move or make a sound for ages, she'd just stare at them.

Anyway, enough of that, we're home safe and resting and relaxing here now.

Thought i might show you some of our new purchases for Indigo Moon.  We got thes tables in Leominster last week whilst we were there visiting with my lovely in-laws.  This table is painted in a gorgous off white and hand decorated with lovely blue flowers.

It's also functional as storage
and this one also painted and a gorgeous piece of fabric placed under the glass, it's really pretty.

 this one, a painted and decoupaged vintage (possibly sixties) coffee table 
and some pictures of Indigo Moon, we're planning a change around
next week, before the Christmas trade starts 
We bought these gorgeous 1920(ish) units for the shop.  They came from an old department store in Whitby and this one was delivered last week (the other one arrives next week).
They'll look fab together in the shop and i can't wait for the other one to arrive.  We had fun and games when this one was delivered last week, we'd taken all the measurements of the area it was to go in the shop, not thinking to measure the actual doorway into the shop!!!!  When it arrived it was out on the street for most of the day whilst Gav had to take it apart and re-assemble it inside.  You can probably guess it wasn't easy, things made in the 1920's were built to last, at least he'll be prepared when the next one arrives!
I'd forgotten about this when we arrived back from our "cut short" holiday this morning.  The delivery we received just before we went away left all over our kitchen.  We were so tired at the time we only had the energy to check it all, but not clear it all away.  Masses of boxes everywhere at the moment and a few more deliveries next week too, ready for the Christmas trade.
Gavin, Lizzie and my father-in-law last week enjoying a walk in the evening sunshine
and beautiful Lizzie, she's growing bigger everyday and getting more adorable by the minute.  She's established herself well in the family now, everyone loves her, she's an amazing sock thief, they just appear in her bed, i've no idea how and where she finds them.
My gorgeous girl, look at that pose