Friday, 24 September 2010

Cream and Rocket Science

Ahhhhh.......Back from our little break feeling so relaxed and refreshed, i'm glad we went away and it doesn't seem that people were bothered that we closed the shop either, a few customers came in today saying they'd called in the week! I'm glad they came back!

This is where we stayed "Maenan Abbey" in Llanrwst, just three miles out of Bettws y Coed. Good weather too.

We took the coast road over to Port Meirion on Tuesday. I'd been there before, a long time ago, but couldn't remember much about it. Then we drove around to Criccieth Castle and followed the road to Caernarfon, although we cut across the mountains before Caernarfon which was gorgeous.

On Wednesday we decided to stay nearby and drove into Bettws, for a walk and coffee. Unfortunately it started raining so we gave up on the walk but found a place for coffee and i asked for tea with a scone, jam and cream, but this seemed a little beyond their capabilities. Apparently, i could only have tea with Bara Brith AND a Scone, Jam and Cream OR i could have tea with scone, butter and jam. I explained that i only wanted the scone and not the bara brith and preferred cream rather than butter, but their house policy didn't allow it, the rule was that you could only have cream with your scone if you had bara brith as well....who eats that much? After much discussion with the waitress I ended up with just a cup of tea and left feeling that i might have got an appointment with the queen somewhat easier!
Anyway... it didn't detract from our lovely few days away, good food, clean hotel, polite and efficient staff....perfect.