Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I love this photo of Nicole, my beautiful baby girl!!!! 18 years old on 6th September....where did those years go? It seems like only yesterday that she was born and now here she is about to be 18 and all grown up....my baby.... I snapped this photo last week when we were in Llangollen on the steam train ride, she was enjoying photographing the scenery, i was watching her feeling tremendously emotional with love and wonderment at how beautiful, clever and independent she is.

Not one for liking her photo taken, a moment later she scowled at me for snapping her. Some photos of my new bedroom as promised. Not finished yet, but i'm enjoying deciding what to put in it. This is a vintage lampshade we got from an auction, it was meant for the shop, but i thought it was perfect for here.

This is the Laura Ashley curtain (bargain from our neighbour), i've still not put it up yet, it's so gorgeous.

No, it's not for pole dancing!!!!!! (much to Gav's disappointment) It holds the house up!!!

Gorgeous dressing table and lamp. I'll probably paint the dresser eventually.

It's been amazingly busy in the shop over the last few weeks, i've got loads of new stock, which i've photographed and will post soon. We've also had a stream of visitors come to stay some of which are still here until next week!! I've managed to get some small collages done as they were selling well in the shop and also i had a go at needlefelting, it was amazing, very relaxing....I did some simple brooches and put them out in the shop and sold four in the space of an hour!!! All my wooden ones have sold and i made another huge batch, unfortunately, when i re-organised my workroom I put them somewhere safe...so safe that i can't remember where! I'll post some of the felted brooches though soon.