Friday, 2 July 2010

Happy Friday!!!!

I had a little opportunity to create some art recently, although not much as i've not had time to spend in my art room and i need my supplies around me for my paintings. These are "works in progress". I love creating these pieces on wood, i lose myself in the moment. Creating the patchwork backgrounds give me a sense of peace and nothing ever comes out as i planned, so i'm more inclined not to bother with the planning process any more. When i do get time to work on these i shut myself off, put on a Jane Austen audio book and sit thinking about things for a while, it could be five minutes or it could be hours, but whilst thinking i start to gather little treasures around me, i have an obscene amount of found elements to play with. My favourite supplies are my stash of wallpaper samples which i've been collecting for years, i use small pieces in my work and sometimes alter them, i love the different textures and the colours and patterns that are available. I love this piece (below), i started it recently, i love assemblage, for me it's like being a child again, although your art gets taken more seriously!!! Gavin found me a stash of these wonderful old french magazine papers (see background), they're just amazing, they have the most gorgeous images in them, the paper is old and yellowy and very brittle but when glued onto the wood they take on a colour and texture of their own which, amazingly, is different on each piece. Also, my wonderfully thoughtful man (not saying Gav again in this post, as i'm in danger of sounding like Charlotte Church!!!!) found boxes of these old watch faces for me on ebay, they're all different shapes and sizes, i think they look fab on this piece which has a few, unintentional, Alice in Wonderland elements to it, so it may end up being a take on that eventually, but who knows and thats what always appeals to me when doing assemblage art.
...these are some fabric brooches i "tried" to make recently, pretty enough but i'm not that pleased with them. I'd like to know what you all think, as i was going to put some pins on the back and sell them as brooches or bag charms in the shop. Unfortunately, i'm pretty bad at sewing and creating with fabric, i will persevere though, but i need a break from it at the moment.

We've decided that we need a break, probably before we have a breakdown, we're officially exhausted and stressed to the hilt. We can't go far as the shop is open six days a week, so Gav's booked us into a nice B&B near Aberdovey for Sunday night, we're off at five as soon as the shop closes, heading straight for the beach to have fish an chips knows after that!!!! At least we can have a nice relaxing day all of Monday, then back in the evening to open up again on Tuesday!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, It's the Montgomery street fair this Saturday, lots of stalls etc, hope we don't get too cut off as we're round the corner!!!